Inspiring Believing Achieving 

Mullavilly Primary School Staff 2017-18 

Principal & SEN 
Mrs McClimonds 
SEN Coordinator 
Numeracy Leader 
Pastoral Care Leader 
Designated Teacher Child Protection 
Assessment Team 
Primary 1 
Miss Kelly 
Eco Leader 
Art Coordinator 
Play Based Learning Team 
Primary 2 Thu - Fri 
Mrs Murray 
RE Coordinator 
Play Based Learning Team 
Assembly Team 
Primary 2 Mon - Wed & 4 Fri 
Mrs Topping 
Play Based Learning Team 
Music Team 
Assembly Team 
Primary 3 Wed - Fri 
Mrs Innocenzi 
Senior Leadership Team 
Literacy Leader 
Deputy Teacher Child Protection 
Teacher Rep Board of Governors 
Primary 3 Mon - Tue 
Mrs Jackson 
Music Coordinator 
Assembly Team 
Primary 4 Mon - Thu 
Mrs Riddle 
ICT Leader 
C2K Manager 
Primary 5 
Mr Ritchie 
Senior Leadership Team 
Assessment Leader 
Attendance Coordinator 
Website Coordinator 
First Aider 
Football/Cricket Teams 
Primary 6 
Mrs McWilliams 
WAU Coordinator 
Primary 7 
Mrs Nesbitt 
Deputy Teacher Child Protection 
PE Coordinator 
PDMU Coordinator 
First Aider 
Classroom Assistant P1 
Mrs Dalzell 
Breakfast Club 
Play Club 
Little Cooks 
Classroom Assistant P2 
Miss Weir 
Play Club 
Classroom Assistant P5 
Miss Black 
Breakfast Club 
School Secretary 
Mrs Douglas 
Building Supervisor 
Mr Pearson 
School Meals 
Mrs Cochrane 

Mullavilly Primary School Board of Governors 2017-18 

Mr N.Rafferty 
Deputy Chairperson:  
Mrs W.McIntosh 
Board Representative: 
Mrs L.Clarke 
Rev E.Cairns 
Mrs M.Robinson 
Mrs R.Bell 
Parent Representatives: 
Mrs A.Sykes 
Mr A.Vogan 
Teacher Representative: 
Mrs A.Innocenzi 
Secretary (Non Voting): 
Mrs L McClimonds 
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