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Celebrating Mullavilly Primary School Success 

Two 1st place finishes for solo hiphop and solo musical theatre singing from Les Miserables at VAD dance inspirations. A star for the future. Congratulations. 
4th Place in All Ireland Scouts Orienteering Competition. A big achievement. congratulations 
Passed copper music medal in flute and the entry level award in music performance. Congratulations. 
Achieved her 15 metre swimming badge. Excellent progress made. Congratulations. 
1st place on bars and 2nd on Vault at recent Splits and Flips gymnastics competition. A great acheivement. Congratulations. 
During a skiing holiday over the Easter holidays won a medal for the best and most turns in her class. Congratulations.  
Medal at recent Splits and Flips gymnastics competition. Congratulations. 
2nd place in her GB under 5 PE award. Congratulations. 
Winner of Ahorey GB Under 5's best new recruit. Congratulations. 
The girls were part of th Choral speaking group that won 1st place at a recent GB Explorer Competition. 
Winner of Mrs D Walker Scripture trophy at GB Display. Congratulations. 
Winner of the Explorer Under 5 Porgress Award at her GB display. Congratulations. 
Winner of the Amy Lappin Trophy Sunshine Award at her GB display. Congratulations. 
Winner of the scripture prize at his recent BB Junior Section display. Congratulations. 
Winner of the Best Young Musician in Junior Section in the whole of Northern Ireland by playing the piano at a recent BB music competition. Congratulations! 
Some of our Primary 7's have enjoyed lots of success playing football for Portadown Youth over the last few years and show great promise for the future. Here they are with yet another trophy for a recent tournament victory. 
Mullalvilly Primary School enjoyed a year to remember in 2016-17. Please enjoy the photos below and click on the link below to read a more detailed account of our success in 2016-17. We will continue to add to this page with success of our pupils both inside and outside of school. 
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