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Sports Day 2018 

P6/7 Manchester Trip 

Day 3 

Everyone was woken at 7.00am to get themselves showered and ready for breakfast at the same time as yesterday at 7.45am. We then boarded our coach and left for Blackpool which was about an hour away. Our first stop was to Madame Tussauds. Everyone was amazed by how realistic and life like the waxworks looked. There were lots of famous faces to see and everyone got their photo taken with someone. There were also interactive games that everyone enjoyed playing on. We then decided to walk the mile along the sea front towards Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We stopped and had our packed lunches on the steps down to the beach but had to move quickly after a sudden seagul attack had has ducking for cover. We arrived at the Pleasure Beach and were given wristbands that allowed us to go on every single ride as long as we passed the height restrictions. Everyone loved the pleasure beach and everyone had a go on lots of different rides. Some of the favourites included, Valhalla, everything in Nikelodeon Land and the Wallace and Gromit ride. We had a group of about 12 children who were very brave and went on the two biggest rollercoasters - the Pepsi Max and the brand new Icon. They were both really high, fast and scary rides so well done to those children who went on them. We spent the whole afternoon in the Pleasure Beach and didn't leave until shortly before 5.00pm. We then arrived back to the hotel and had another lovely dinner. We then had some time in our rooms, the boys enjoyed watching some of the football match on the TV. We then took a short walk to get some ice lollies and it will be lights out at 10.00pm. Tomorrow is mainly just travelling home. We still hope to be back to school for 7.15 - 7.30pm. If there is any big delay we will let you all know. 

Day 2 

What a fantastic day!! Everyone was woken at 7.00am to get showered and ready for breakfast at 7.45am so not too early. We left on the bus at 8.30am and headed to Liverpool to visit Anfield. We got a guided tour around Anfield from two really nice tour guides who again commented on our behaviour. Anfield was really super and we got some great photos. There are even more than what you see below. We then headed for Chester Zoo. We arrived shortly before 1.00pm and had our packed lunches. We then went round Chester Zoo in one big group. By this stage the weather was beautiful and the temperatures were really hot. We saw lots of really cool animals and had a short ride on the Monorail. We finished by spending some of our money in the shop. We then made the short journey into Chester and had our dinner in Mcdonalds which everyone enjoyed. To finish off our day we were given a Ghost Tour around Chester which was good fun and only a little scary! Having left the hotel at 8.30am we didn't arrive back at the hotel until 9.15pm so everyone was ready to get to their rooms. Lights out was 10.15pm and everyone seems to have settled down well. We had a really super day today and every single boy and girl is doing their parents proud. It was a tiring day so everyone will sleep well tonight. Again no problems or worries and everyone is having an absolute ball! Hopefully you are all enjoying the photos and hopefully everyone is featured in them (It is hard to keep track!). 

Day 1 

40 very excited and not quite awake yet children arrived at school at 5.15am this morning ready to embark on our P6/7 school trip. We set off for the coach journey down with everyone looking forward to what was to come. We arrived in Dublin port and the boat set sail at about 8.15am. Everyone then had their breakfast and were given some freedom to explore the boat. The boat took about 3 and a half hours though the time went by quickly. A member of staff on the boat asked the teachers to tell the children how impressed they were with their behaviour. Our first stop was only another 25 minutes on the coach. We arrived at Pili Palas butterfly farm and ate our packed lunch first. We were then given a guided tour around Pili Palas and the children were very pleased to discover there was much more than just butterflies. We went into the butterfly house, saw lizards, snakes and other reptiles and lots more as well. Some children were brave enough to hold giant millipedes and slugs and touch a snake. They then had the chance to spend some money in the gift shop. Everyone really enjoyed it. Our hotel was then about another 1 hour 45 minutes away. We arrived about 5.30pm and were sitting down for our dinner at 6.00pm. DInner was chicken nuggets or fish fingers and chips. After dinner we took the children down to a cricket club which was only a 2 minute walk away and the club kindly let them play and run around on the pitch. Everyone really enjoyed having the chance to just play for an hour or so as well. Everyone was then back in their rooms at 9.30pm and at the time of writing this (hopefully) they will all be asleep with lights out by 10.15pm. There were absoloutely no worries or concerns from everyone and they have all had a super first day. The teachers are looking forward for a good nights sleep! 

Transformation of our Garden and Playground 

A lot of hard wotk has been put in the last few weeks by all the children to create some exciting learning, Eco and play opportunities in our school grounds. Thank you also to some of the parents who have given their time or donated items for us to use. Some of the things created so far include a wildflower/butterfly rockery 9Still a work in progres), a 3 stage composter, an outdoor learning environment for P1 and 2, lots of planting and the seats outside to name just a few. We are still working on making it even better before the end of the schol year. Check out just some of the progress below.  

Royal Wedding 

Swimming Gala 2018 

1st Place P7 Breaststroke 
3rd Place P6 Backcrawl 
4th Overall in Swimming Gala 
1st Place P7 Backcrawl 
3rd Place P7 Backcrawl 
1st Place P6 Frontcrawl 
2nd Place P7 Relay 

March/April Certificates 

Pupil of the Month (Perserverance) 

Writer of the Month 

Mathematician of the Month 

A big thank you to Portadown Carers Association, who kindly provided mixed fruit pots for our children to enjoy. There were lots of happy faces enjoying healthy eating in the sun. What a fantastic end to another great week in Mullavilly! 

Portadown Music Festival 2018 

1st Place Musical Ensemble 
3rd Place P6 Girls Solo 
2nd Place P7 Girls Solo 
2nd Place P5 Girls Solo 
1st Place P6 Boys Solo 
3rd Place P6 Girls Solo 
3rd Place P7 Girls Solo 
2nd Place Recorder Duet 
1st Place P6 Girls Solo 
3rd Place P6 Girls Solo 
3rd Place P7 Girls Solo 
3rd Place Recorder Duet 
2nd Place P6 Girls Solo 
2nd Place P7 Boys Solo 
2nd Place P5 Girls Solo 

Easter Egg Hunt 


Today (26/3/18) was the last day of our Spring Into Fitness fund raising event. We saved the most fun to the end as we hired 2 bouncy castles for the playground and every child had the chance to go on both bouncy castles. the weather was very kind and the sun shone most of the day. Everyone had lots of fun while also being surprisingly active while bouncing. Even the teachers had a go! A massive thank you to everyone for their efforts in fundraising. We will anounce the total raised soon. 

Spring Into Fitness - Joe Wicks 

After completing our Mile-athon last week, we made a start today (12/3/18) on taking part in our first Joe Wicks workout. Joe wicks is streaming live every day on youtube at 10.00am this week special workouts designed for primary school children. Everyone was very hot and sweaty by the end but really enjoyed working hard and trying to get even fitter. 

World Book Day  

We celebrated World Book Day a week late (8/3/18) because of the snow last week. We took part in a variety of different activities throughout the day and week leading up to it as well. Primary 4 took a special assembly all about Roald Dahl, Primary 7 read their favourite picture books to Primary 1 and Primary 6 did the same to Primary 2. Primary 5 wrote their own mini sagas and then shared them with the Primary 3 class. Everyone received a £1 book token and over the soming weeks we are going to be completing a special competition to design a book mark. 

Fun In The Snow Part 2 

Earlier this morning (28/2/18) the whole school went outside to enjoy some extra play time in the snow. We had a lovely covering of soft, powdery snow and why not let the children and teachers enjoy some time to play? The smiles and cheers of the Primary 1 and 2 pupils (And Primary 7!) said it all! 

January Certificates 

Pupil of the Month (Tolerance) 

Mathematician of the Month 

Writer of the Month 

Santa Visit 

Christmas Dinner 

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