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PRIMARY 6 Teachers: Mrs McWilliams Scroll down to see our latest photos and curricular links! 

Our Themes for 2017/18: 

Sept - Dec: ' Titanic' 
Jan - Mar: 'Fairtrade' 
Apr-June: 'Textiles' 

Passengers on the Titanic 

During our topic on Titanic children have been learning a lot about the different classes of passengers onboard the Titanic. They made clay models to represent a passenger of their choice. They then thought about the colours of clothes that their passenger was most likely to have had and mixed paints to paint their clay model.  

ICT Powerpoint Presentations 

This term everyone in Primary 6 has been using microsoft powerpoint to create a powerpoint on The Titanic! Pupils have really impressed me so far presenting their work with huge amounts of confidence and knowledge of The Titanic! I am looking forward to seeing more of these in the next couple of weeks!!  


In primary 6 we have been learning about the relationships between Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. We had lots of fun playing matching games!  

Titanic Models  

In Art in primary 6 we have been very busy making models of the Titanic. The children have worked very hard on these and we are extremely proud of the outcome. Have a look at some of our masterpieces!!  

How does a Big Ship Float? 

In Primary 6 we became scientists!! We learnt how to plan our own experiments. We predicted what objects would float and what objects would sink, and then we got to test them out! We had a fun time making our own boats from plasticine and testing if they would sink or float.  

Children In Need 2017 

Thankyou for all your kind donations for this year's BBC Children In Need and the huge effort that the children put in to dressing up and getting 'spotty!' 

Primary 6 Titanic Trip 

On Wednesday 15th November Primary 6 enjoyed a visit to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. They experienced a guided tour of the TITANICa exhibition and a hands-on workshop in which they recreated a stain glass window from the First Class Smoking Room inside the Titanic.  

Welcome Back Primary 6 

We have had a fantastic start to the new academic year in Primary 6. I have really enjoyed getting to know all of the pupils and finding out what they got up to over the summer holidays. We have had a very busy start to the term creating holiday mind maps, aims for the year ahead and learning lots of new rules and routines. Everyone has loved starting our World Around Us topic on 'Titanic' and their eagerness and enthusiasm has been very impressive. Keep it up Primary 6! 
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