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Our Themes for 2017/18: 

Sept - Dec: ' Vikings' 
Jan - Mar: 'Frozen Planet' 
Apr-May: 'Light and Sound' 
June: 'Northern Ireland' 

Outside learning 

We took advantage of the warm weather today (25/518) to do some of our numeracy work outside. The children drew and labelled with chalk different types of angles, including acute, obtuse and right angles. We also then listened to our class novel The Outlaw Varjack Paw (Which we all love!) in the sunshine! 

Sugar Cube Igloos (Week 3 of 3) 

Every year Primary 5's enjoy using sugar cubes to try and make their own 3d igloos. Today (27/2/18) we built up the first 3 layers of our igloos. Please check back over the next few weeks to seee how we get on. Fingers crossed Primary 5! After three weeks of hard work today (20/03/18) we managed to complete our igloos (Or some of us did anyway!) In total we have 7 completed igloos which is a higher success rate than in previous years. Well done to P5 for giving it their best shot! 

Inuit Inukshuks 

Today Primary 5 enjoyed having a go at constructing their own Inuit Inukshuks out of clay.  

Polar Regions Research Homework (2/2/18) 

Primary 5 have been working very hard at home all week preparing their Polar Regions research homeworks. They had to research an animal that lives in the Poalr Regions of their choice and were able to present their work any way they wanted. As you can see from the photos below primary 5 choose a wide range of animals and some very original ways of presenting them, including, PowerPoints, Fact Files, Scrap books, posters of varying sizes and designs and even a special DVD case full of DVD's. Well done primary 5 Mr Ritchie was very impressed!!!! 

Happy Christmas 

Viking Brooches  

After designing our own Viking brooches using a design sheet, today, we used clay to make them using our design as a guide. After they have dried, next week, we will paint them. 

Viking Trip to Navan Centre 

Primary 5 had a brilliant day at the Navan Centre and Fort learning all about Viking Justice as part of the 'Vikings on Trial' programme. We took part in lots of difierent activities including writing using feather pens, making bookmarks using Viking runic letters, handled and saw demonstrations of Viking weapons and acted and took part in a Viking Trial with a real life Viking. The staff at the Navan Centre were very impressed with the level of knowledge shown and the standard of behaviour. Well done Primary 5!! 

Practical Partitioning 

We worked today on partitioning 3 and 4 digit numbers. We used the practical equipment to help and recorded our work on whiteboards. 

First Week Of Term 

We have had a busy start to the year in Primary 5. We have started learning about place value, stories with a familiar setting and common and proper nouns. We have played games in mental maths and worked on our calculations and strategies. We drew and painted Viking Longships and will be starting our Viking topic. We also have had music with Mrs Topping, handwriitng and talking and listening activities. 
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