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Our Themes for 2017/18: 

Sep - Oct: 'Once Upon A Time' 
Nov - Dec: 'Twinkle Twinkle' 
Jan - Feb: 'Yummy In My Tummy' 
Mar - Apr: 'My Home Is My Castle' 
May - June: 'Old Macdonald' 

Real Life ICT 

We have missed Mrs Dalzell over the past few weeks as she has been on a trip of a lifetime to visit her daughter in Australia! Mrs Dalzell didn't forget about us though - she emailed us a video of her meeting koalas, kangaroos and snakes! P1 were very excited to watch Mrs Dalzell on our big screen and hear about her adventure. After looking at where Australia was on a map compared to where Northern Ireland is, we couldn't believe that we were able to receive a video from that far away! To thank her, a few P1 boys and girls were excited to send some voice recordings. Hurry back, Mrs D - we miss you!  

King and Queen's Banquet 

We have been learning about Castles. The lords of the castle held big parties for special occassions called 'banquets.' Today we had our own banquet and learnt how to make toast with butter and jam.  

Brush, brush, brush your teeth! 

Today was a messy day - we practised brushing our teeth!  

Mullavilly Pizzeria  

What a busy day in P1!  
Boys and girls made their pizzas from scratch by following a recipe. 
We had to knead the dough to make the base and roll it out using a rolling pin.  
When the base was flat and round we added lots of toppings: tomato sauce cheese, pineapple, ham and pepperoni. 
The cook was very kind and let us cook them in her oven. 
Well done, everyone! 

Term 2a 

Have a look at some of the things we have been up to! 
We loved reading the story 'Handa's Surprise.' 
Handa was bringing 7 fruits to her friend, Akeyo, but on the way 7 sneaky animals took them one by one! We acted out the story using story board props and also tried some of the fruits - mango, pineapple, tangerine, banana, avocado.  
During Play Based Learning we enjoyed a very cold water tray experience, complete with ice!  
We created snowy pictures using white chalked and learnt how to blend the chalk with our fingers. 
In role play, we had a vegetable shop with real vegetables to buy! 
Some of us had lots of fun building and constructing using the wooden blocks.  
We have been using counters in Numeracy to touch-count accurately between 0 and 10.  

Christmas Stockings 

We have really loved seeing and hearing about the Christmas stockings that have been lovingly created by our P1s and their families. They are fantastic! Well done to everyone. The aim of this homework was to encourage some creative time together amongst the busyness in the run-up to Christmas - thank you for all your hard work! Merry Christmas!  

Posting Our Santa Letters 

Have a look at our photos from our visit to Laurelvale Post Office!  

Cinderella's Ball 

P1 Princes and Princesses attended Cinderella's ball today. We had popcorn and watched Cinderella on the Interactive White Board and then danced at the ball! We even had disco lights. 
Unfortunately, the clock struck twelve and it was time to go home.  
Enjoy your half-term break!  

Pumpkin Soup 

We made pumpkin soup with Mrs Dalzell. To help, we chopped up vegetables and scooped out the insides of the pumpkin. 
All of us tried some - most even got seconds! 
Thank you Mrs Dalzell!  

Pumpkin Play 

Primary 1 and Primary 2 had lots of fun painting, scooping and rolling pumpkins.  

The Fallen Tree 

After an unexpected two days off school, we noticed that a big tree had fallen in our playground. P1 had a look to see if we could find out what had happened.  
After much discussion of the Big Bad Wolf blowing it down, the Woodcutter chopping it down on his way to save Litte Red and even deciding it was not Jack's beanstalk, we came to the conclusion it must have been Storm Ophelia.  
Here is a picture of us trying to huff and puff and blow it back!  
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